We teamed up with Dr. Jill Carnahan to create this 30 day protocol designed to address mold exposure. This protocol supports all 3 phases of detoxification, energy production, and electrolyte balance.


Liver Sauce® – A blend of bitters and flavanoids to support healthy bile flow and liver function and help balance the inflammatory response to mycotoxins.†

Liposomal Glutathione Complex – Provides a highly-bioavailable form of glutathione, the body’s master detoxifier.

NAD+ Gold™ – A stable NAD+ activator that contains NMN and TMG to support detoxification at a sub-cellular level.†

Ultra Binder® Sensitive Formula – Our broad-spectrum binder captures mycotoxins in the gut, discouraging them from recirculating.†

QuintEssential®3.3 Sachets – Mineral-rich marine fluid harvested from the depths of the ocean to hydrate and support detox.†


How To Use

Includes complete protocol instructions. If pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant, consult your physician before use.

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