Phase 1: Detect

  • We order specialized test to determine your root cause of disease. I like to say “if you aren’t testing, your guessing.” After a throughout history and evaluating your needs, I recommend testing and their specific priorities, which will determine the treatment protocol. Each person is different. We can order these test to name a few:
  • Complete thyroid panel testing to evaluate the 28 patterns of thyroid disease & test for autoimmune to thyroid
  • Food sensitivity test – to determine if the food you are eating are causing immune reactions in your body
  • Gastrointestinal test – to determine if you have imbalance gut bacteria, parasites, low or high digestive enzymes, etc
  • Adrenal test – to see if your cortisol pattern throughout the day, which can be a cause of fatigue or inability to sleep
  • Hormonal test – to determine if your hormones are high or low, or if you are not able to clear your hormones which are building up in your tissue
  • Mold test – to see if you have mold in your body and also test your home to see if you have mold in your home
  • Heavy Metal test – to determine if you have mercury, antimony, arsenic, lead, silver and more in your body

Phase 2: Remove

We start with removal on most burdensome toxins that we find from the specialize testing, while also supporting your phase I & phase II detoxification pathways.

Phase 3: Balance & Heal

Here we go deeper into balancing your gut, hormones, stress, brain and emotions.

Phase 4: Sustain & Maintain

This phase builds on all the others, ideally teaching you how to be your own healer by listening to your body, for improved body awareness. We look at your healthy and unhealthy habits. We recommend retesting, and what your maintenance to a deeper more vital you look like for your goals.