Working with hundreds of thousands of patients and balancing their thyroid, I’ve invented this simple, 6-step system.

Healthy meal

Step 1. Optimize Your Diet – “Eat to Thrive not Survive”

I know you have probably heard it all before or read eat this, or don’t eat this. What or who do you listen to at this point regarding which foods are healthy for you or not? I completely understand, how it can be overwhelming with so much misinformation out there.

Reversing chronic disease or achieving optimal health require foundational steps that really need to be addressed. For this reason I believe it’s important to work with a doctor who is seeing patients in practice, therefore has clinical experience, and positive results to provide the best health for each patient. Results and numbers are the proof which determine if a treatment is working or not working.

Remember what you put into your body is meant to fulfill, your body’s needs for vitamins, minerals, co-factors and more to sustain life. Really, we eat to survive at lot of times, not to help our body thrive. In this fast-paced world, with prepackaged foods on every shelf, it can get confusing what is considered food or not, therefore we grab and go, eating dead food with no nutrient content.

Vegetables and specific foods contain the best medicinal healing properties, and by learning more about how they can help you with your thyroid healing and overall health, you will have a greater appreciation for their power.

Clean natural environment

Step 2. Remove Toxins & Clean up Your Environment

This is also a very crucial step of healing and staying healthy. If you are continuing to add more toxins in your body by what you eat, breathe, drink, touch, etc. then the healing process can be slow.

Here we remove toxins and chemicals toxicities- including Food sensitivities, plastics, round up (glyphosate), metals, formaldehyde, benzene and more. Replace the foods you eat with organic & grass-fed beef, farm fresh poultry, and wild caught fish. Also replace what you allow in your environment including what you put on your body.

I detox several times a year, which I highly recommend you do the same. Yet it’s great to be guided through a detox until you have achieved a specific place in your body, one because not all detoxification work or accomplish the same plan of action. Secondly, depending on each person you can have detox symptoms.

Woman with a cold

Step 3. Kill Infections & Fight the Immune System Attackers

Bacteria, viruses, yeast (candida), parasites, mycotoxins, mold, & co-infections are all around us on a daily basis. The air we breathe has bacteria and virus, the food we eat can have bacteria, or parasites, and your body can create yeast and more bacteria from unhealthy gastrointestinal delicate balancing system.

These invaders can live in your body (your environment) for years to decades going under-diagnosed, therefore produce chronic low-grade infections leading to you not feeling your best but not great either. Or one day your catch something like a virus, yet you never have been the same since. It’s important to have a healthy host “YOU”, so you can live a life of vitality.

Woman's stomach and gut

Step 4. Heal Your & Repair Your Gut

Your gut and intestinal lining needs love too. It is one of the barrier’s that protects your whole body, and in the end regulating your immune system. It’s the gateway to health. 80% of your immune system is located in the gut. You are connected from the outside world, from your mouth to your inside world…. Your gut. Thus, this is where the problem can lie.

Reversing chronic disease or achieving optimal health it’s imperative to address killing infections and repairing your gut. Your gut has a delicate balance between good and bad bacteria, aka microbiome. In our office we recommend specialty testing to determine

Immune boosting ingredients

Step 5. Decrease Stressors & Immune Support

Decrease and try to remove the stress in your life. We have accomplished decreasing the stress on your body, by cleaning up your life. Now we go deeper by looking at people and things that add to that stress. Stress is the #1 cause of diseases, in turn depletes the immune system so you can’t fight off the common cold, virus or bacteria.

Yes, our immune system is made to defend and fight off infections. I call it your Army. Your immune system does a great job keeping you alive. However, often times we create a constant immune attack by the foods we eat on a daily basis. This constant immune attack upregulates the immune system, leading to confusion, unclear what is good or not (invader). Then it starts to tag you (self) as an invader or bad, leading to auto-immune disease. Auto-immune disease is when the body attacks itself.

Woman balancing on train tracks

Step 6. Heal Your Hormones

Too much or too little hormones can upregulate disease and create more imbalances. In the body we have a wide scope of hormones, with an even more delicate balance. If one is off, meaning too little or too much, this creates an imbalance up stream or down stream. A few hormones are cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and more. Typically if you handle underlying causes the body’s hormonal balances out naturally, if rectified in sufficient time as not to burn out or over tax.