“Dr. Vaughan has a way of assessing problems that no one else has been able to. I had various digestive issues that were giving me difficulty. I had gas, indigestion and difficulty eating certain foods. After one visit and by following her suggestions to avoid certain foods for awhile and to take certain supplements, I have been symptom-free for these past few months. I whole heartedly believe in the methods Dr. Vaughan uses.”
– Phil J.

“Amazing doctor who listens and understands! She not only treated my pain, but also got to the root of the problem. After blowing out two discs in my lower back, I didn’t think I would be able to get back to Boot Camp and running again. Dr. Vaughn helped me get back to where I was before the injury, and has given me the tools to continue to excel. I highly recommend her!”
– Alison G.

“My wife and I are recent “transplants” from Illinois and sought to resume our Chiropractic care. By chance, we found Dr. Vaughan. We have found her passion to provide good health to be exceptional! Combining Kinesiology with Chiropractic has produced amazing results for both of us. Thank you Dr. Kristi for your care and compassion!”
– Terry & Debbi V.

“Doctor Vaughan is wonderful doctor. Because she works on the physical and mental body she is able to help on many levels. Her ability to diagnose and treat is almost magical. I am very fortunate to have found her and highly suggest everyone should meet with her”
– Kelly R.

“I heard about a program for diabetes. Right away I booked a seminar and sign up for the program, because I care about my health. I was moody with no energy, my A1C was 10.7, and in 2 months it is down to 7. My blood sugar at it’s highest was 227, and now it is 83-90 I am feeling healthier than before. I would highly recommend this program, and can’t stop talking about it to friends and family. From day one the program has been out- standing and special thanks to Dr. K Vaughan.”
– Tim M.

“I have many back issues from skateboarding and the staff here are super attentive. Dr Vaughan is the first of 7 doctors that actually show compassion and ultimate care for my symptoms. She spent an extra hour with me and is proactive at helping me get to a better state of living. Also i love the holistic approach. I highly recommend this place to anyone suffering from injury or other need!!!”
– Christopher S.

“I can not say enough good things about Doctor Vaughan. When my best friend/business partner first started seeing her to about his diabetes, I knew there was going to be diet changes and to support him I decided to go on it with him.

At each visit I went in with him. Even though I was not yet a patient of hers, Doctor Vaughan was always concerned with my well being. Her caring and openness made me want her as my doctor.

I have been dealing with horrible stomach pains, allergies, getting every flu or cold that came around, and polycystic ovarian syndrome for years. As you can imagine, I was in a lot of pain everywhere in my body.

Just by being on the diet supporting my friend, I felt much better. It was the first time in years I did not get a cold or the flu over the holidays. But I was still having problems. My assigned obgyn prescribed me Metformin for the PCOS, without running tests or anything (I am over weight). I asked doctor Vaughan about it during my friend’s visit and soon after that I became her patient.

She has turned my life around, I feel amazing! My high blood pressure has been going down. I’ve lost over 50 pounds. OVER 50 POUNDS! Ever since I hit puberty no matter what, I could not lose weight, regardless of how much exercise I did. She listens and cares about my health. I have not felt this healthy and good in a long, long, long time. I use to fear going to the doctor, with her I look forward to it.”
– Jenny H.

“I am 55 years old diagnosed with diabetes for over 20 years. I have started losing my eyesight, getting shots in my eyes and having a laser to repair the damage done by diabetes. I had not slept through the night in many years, had no energy, was on blood pressure medication and was constantly battling stomach issues. I was afraid when I went to my first appointment they were going to tell me there was nothing they could do for me because I was too far gone.

After only 7 weeks, I am now clinically NON-DIABETIC. I have reduced my insulin from 120 units per day to 20 units per day, and soon I hope to eliminate it altogether. I was taken off my blood pressure medications and Metformin. I have been sleeping through the night for several weeks now, and my energy levels have significantly increased. I no longer worry about where the bathroom is when I go somewhere, or if I can even make the drive to where I need to go without having to stop for a bathroom.

I love to cook, and now I am learning a new way to do what I enjoy. I do not crave any of the foods I used to crave daily. I have learned that food is fuel for my body, not a way to celebrate special events or achievements or to comfort me.

I no longer feel like I am going to go blind, or even worse, die. I have hope and it’s all because of Dr. Vaughan’s help. Also, I have lost over 60 lbs.”
– Donald

“I have been on thyroid medications for almost 20 years and on diabetic medications for 15 years. It seems that the medications continue to increase, while my symptoms worsened. I have rheumatoid arthritis, with pain through out my body, fatigue and feeling not as sharp as I was in the past. I began to see Dr. Vaughan and within a few weeks I noticed an increase in energy. My diabetic medications began to drop. My weight began to drop. I have fought losing weight all my life due to my thyroid issues. My A1C was 8.9 when I started, with 5 mg glipizide, 2000 mg of metformin, 150 Levothyroixin, and 40 mg 3 times a day of Simvastatin. Six months later I am proud to say I have more energy than ever. I lost 35 pounds. My A1C is at 5.6 and off all diabetes medications, off my statin medication and my thyroid medication dropped down to 25 mg. Dr. Vaughan helped me realize I also have auto-immune thyroid, and how to control my auto-immune flare ups from happening. If you want to be healthy or get support out of your disease to a better place, go to Dr. Vaughan. Stop waiting. Your health will only get worse if you don’t address it.”
– Karen C.

“My 13 year old daughter started seeing Dr. Vaughan because her TSH was 9.9, which is a thyroid test. She was feeling tired, body aches, and wasn’t eating much. A family member referred me to Dr. Vaughan. She spoke very highly of how she had helped her mother. Dr. Vaughan ran many test, in which she discovered my daughter had auto-immune thyroid. I have thyroid disease, on medications for years. She also tested my thyroid, I was also auto-immune thyroid. She worked with her and really the whole family educating us on the causes thyroid disease.. After her first blood test her TSH went down to 3.1. My daughter began to act like herself again, eating and playing as she did before. Dr. Vaughan really cares about her patients and their results. She’s a great doctor I would recommend her. I feel better than I have in a very long time.”
– Malerie J.