Success Stories, Testimonials & Reviews

“I came to Dr. Vaughan to seek alternative treatment for hypothyroidism. I wanted to find the root cause of my hormone imbalance instead of just taking prescribed synthetic hormone. I have been working with Dr. Vaughan since March 2021. Since then we have worked on dietary changes, eliminating food sensitivities, and treating GI infections. I am so glad that I was able to find her as she is so knowledgeable and kind. She has helped me improve everything from my TSH levels( from 6 to 3) to energy, and sleep. If anyone is seeking a natural approach and wants to dig deeper into root causes Dr. Vaughn is absolutely the one.” – Morgan H.

“My 13 year old daughter started seeing Dr. Vaughan because her TSH was 9.9, which is a thyroid test. She was feeling tired, body aches, and wasn’t eating much. A family member referred me to Dr. Vaughan. She spoke very highly of how she had helped her mother. Dr. Vaughan ran many test, in which she discovered my daughter had auto-immune thyroid. I have thyroid disease, on medications for years. She also tested my thyroid, I was also auto-immune thyroid. She worked with her and really the whole family educating us on the causes thyroid disease.. After her first blood test her TSH went down to 3.1. My daughter began to act like herself again, eating and playing as she did before. Dr. Vaughan really cares about her patients and their results. She’s a great doctor I would recommend her. I feel better than I have in a very long time.” – Malerie J.

“I have been on thyroid medications for almost 20 years and on diabetic medications for 15 years. It seems that the medications continue to increase, while my symptoms worsened. I have rheumatoid arthritis, with pain through out my body, fatigue and feeling not as sharp as I was in the past. I began to see Dr. Vaughan and within a few weeks I noticed an increase in energy. My diabetic medications began to drop. My weight began to drop. I have fought losing weight all my life due to my thyroid issues. My A1C was 8.9 when I started, with three different diabetic medications, high doses of statin medications and 150 mg thyroid medications. Six months later I am proud to say I have more energy than ever. I lost 35 pounds. My A1C is at 5.6 and off all diabetes medications, off my statin medication and my thyroid medication dropped down to 25 mg. Dr. Vaughan helped me realize I also have auto-immune thyroid, and how to control my auto-immune flare ups from happening. If you want to be healthy or get support out of your disease to a better place, go to Dr. Vaughan. Stop waiting. Your health will only get worse if you don’t address it.” – Karen C.

“My wife sees Dr. Vaughan, in which she continued telling me I need to go see her to get help with my diabetes. She had seen me struggle with it for 10 years. I am only 54 years old, my health started to deteriorate. I finally went to have a visit with Dr. Vaughan. I was really impressed by her knowledge and her approach. My A1C was 10.4. Immediately in the program my fasting blood sugars started dropping. My head wasn’t as foggy and I wanted to go work out because I had more energy. She ran diagnostic test and discovered I also had a thyroid issue. After working with her and doing as she asked my A1C is now 5.2 on no medications. My thyroid is back in balance. I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Vaughan.” –Tim L

“I started seeing Dr. Vaughan 2 months ago and I found her on the internet. Her testimonials and background seemed like she is what I needed. I have been on thyroid medications for 15 years and I am also diabetic for 10 years. I have had a hard time sleeping, my energy is low and I continue to be unable to lose weight. I have lost 20 lbs in 2 months. My energy is better than it’s been in a very long time. I have the energy to play with my kids and be a good mom. My thyroid has normalized, which I had to lower my thyroid medications. My A1C was 9.5, with two different medications and my doctors were about to put me on insulin. Now my A1C 6, only 500 mg of medication. Dr. Vaughan ran special test to find what’s going on with my body. She also found I am autoimmune thyroid. I didn’t know I had this autoimmune disease. She helped me understand how to stabilize my body with the right foods, as she helped rid me of infections that I didn’t realize I had. No wonder I didn’t feel good. I would highly recommend her and her office. I know it might seem different because of what we are accustomed to all our life, however I realized this approach is where I fit. It helps me be healthier, teaching me to regain control of my body and health.” –Gloria G.

“I have many back issues from skateboarding and the staff here are super attentive. Dr Vaughan is the first of 7 doctors that actually show compassion and ultimate care for my symptoms. She spent an extra hour with me and is proactive at helping me get to a better state of living. Also i love the holistic approach. I highly recommend this place to anyone suffering from injury or other need!!!” – Christopher S.

“Doctor Vaughan is wonderful doctor. Because she works on the physical and mental body she is able to help on many levels. Her ability to diagnose and treat is almost magical. I am very fortunate to have found her and highly suggest everyone should meet with her” – Kelly R.

“My wife and I are recent “transplants” from Illinois and sought to resume our Chiropractic care. By chance, we found Dr. Vaughan. We have found her passion to provide good health to be exceptional! Combining Kinesiology with Chiropractic has produced amazing results for both of us. Thank you Dr. Kristi for your care and compassion!” – Terry & Debbi V.

“Amazing doctor who listens and understands! She not only treated my pain, but also got to the root of the problem. After blowing out two discs in my lower back, I didn’t think I would be able to get back to Boot Camp and running again. Dr. Vaughn helped me get back to where I was before the injury, and has given me the tools to continue to excel. I highly recommend her!” – Alison G.

“Dr. Vaughan has a way of assessing problems that no one else has been able to. I had various digestive issues that were giving me difficulty. I had gas, indigestion and difficulty eating certain foods. After one visit and by following her suggestions to avoid certain foods for awhile and to take certain supplements, I have been symptom-free for these past few months. I whole heartedly believe in the methods Dr. Vaughan uses.” – Phil J.

“I am 55 years old diagnosed with diabetes for over 20 years. I have started losing my eyesight, getting shots in my eyes and having a laser to repair the damage done by diabetes. I had not slept through the night in many years, had no energy, was on blood pressure medication and was constantly battling stomach issues. I was afraid when I went to my first appointment they were going to tell me there was nothing they could do for me because I was too far gone.

After only 7 weeks, I am now clinically NON-DIABETIC. I have reduced my insulin from 120 units per day to 20 units per day, and soon I hope to eliminate it altogether. I was taken off my blood pressure medications and diabetes medications. I have been sleeping through the night for several weeks now, and my energy levels have significantly increased. I no longer worry about where the bathroom is when I go somewhere, or if I can even make the drive to where I need to go without having to stop for a bathroom.

I love to cook, and now I am learning a new way to do what I enjoy. I do not crave any of the foods I used to crave daily. I have learned that food is fuel for my body, not a way to celebrate special events or achievements or to comfort me.

I no longer feel like I am going to go blind, or even worse, die. I have hope and it’s all because of Dr. Vaughan’s help. Also, I have lost over 60 lbs.” – Donald

“I can not say enough good things about Doctor Vaughan. When my best friend/business partner first started seeing her to about his diabetes, I knew there was going to be diet changes and to support him I decided to go on it with him.

At each visit I went in with him. Even though I was not yet a patient of hers, Doctor Vaughan was always concerned with my well being. Her caring and openness made me want her as my doctor.

I have been dealing with horrible stomach pains, allergies, getting every flu or cold that came around, and polycystic ovarian syndrome for years. As you can imagine, I was in a lot of pain everywhere in my body.

Just by being on the diet supporting my friend, I felt much better. It was the first time in years I did not get a cold or the flu over the holidays. But I was still having problems. My assigned obgyn prescribed me medication for the PCOS, without running tests or anything (I am over weight). I asked doctor Vaughan about it during my friend’s visit and soon after that I became her patient.

She has turned my life around, I feel amazing! My high blood pressure has been going down. I’ve lost over 50 pounds. OVER 50 POUNDS! Ever since I hit puberty no matter what, I could not lose weight, regardless of how much exercise I did. She listens and cares about my health. I have not felt this healthy and good in a long, long, long time. I use to fear going to the doctor, with her I look forward to it.” – Jenny H.

“I heard about a program for diabetes. Right away I booked a seminar and sign up for the program, because I care about my health. I was moody with no energy, my A1C was 10.7, and in 2 months it is down to 7. My blood sugar at it’s highest was 227, and now it is 83-90 I am feeling healthier than before. I would highly recommend this program, and can’t stop talking about it to friends and family. From day one the program has been out- standing and special thanks to Dr. K Vaughan.” – Tim M.

“My daughter is playing in a club soccer team and recently experiencing swollen on her right ankle. Dr. Vaughan treated her only two times and showed significant improvement on her ankle even visually. Since then, my daughter is playing soccer without any pain. Thanks Dr. Vaughan!” -Jack L.

“Very nice Doctor. Would recommend :-)” –Carolina R.  

“Dr. Vaughn’s treatments methods might seem out of the ordinary to some but they work and work well. Even though you might be skeptical, the advantage to alternative medicine is that it will not hurt you and you will find that it will help your condition without the use of prescription drugs. I suffered from migraine headaches, but with alternative medicine treatments I have been migraine free for several years. I cannot argue with success. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.” –Debbie J

“I went to see Dr. Vaughan for a pain in my arm that kept getting worse with time. She proceeded to give me 4 laser treatments, and after the fifth treatment, the pain had gone away. I was also very impressed with Dr. Vaughan’s ability to determine the root cause of a problem through thorough muscle testing. I love her Holistic approach to healing.” –Sylvia A.

“My 3 children have visited Dr. Vaughan for different issues and they all love her. She is gentle and caring, knows her business from head to toe; I highly recommend her to my clients.” –Chantal V.

“The activator works so well I LOVE THIS TOOL!! She is the best Chiropractor I ever been 2.. After being treated by Dr Vaughan I wouldn’t go to anyone else.” –Marcia A.

“My two young sons and I have been seeing Dr. Vaughan for about three years. Her ability to help us with our total wellness has been a gift. In addition to keeping our bodies adjusted, she has been instrumental in guiding our nutrition by identifying what foods we should keep out of our diets to have optimum health, as well as what our bodies are deficient in to aid us in feeling better, recovering from illness and staying healthy. The aspect of Dr. Vaughan’s care that I appreciate and seek the most is the NET testing she performs. She has a gift for clearing emotions and energy that prohibit us from healing and moving forward. I have noticed a huge impact on myself as well as my two boys. Because of the comprehensive care we have received from Dr. Vaughan, I feel educated on health and nutrition as well as feel unencumbered by issues that used to affect me. ” –Nicole M.

“I heard about this program. I thought it was worth a try, nothing else was working. My blood sugars were out of control, 550-600. I was taking 7 shots a day. The max dose of 70 units and still my blood sugars were spiking. I was eating healthy and exercising. I had numbness in my hands and feet, my vision was blurred, I had cramping in my legs and joints. I was afraid I was going to die. My a1c 11.8. I am 24 days into the program and I have no numbness, cramping, and my vision is improved. My blood sugars are now in the 100s. I feel normal again. I feel alive again. My current readings are 134 to 176. The staff are great and helpful. If you are considering this program, it is so worth it! It’s a lifestyle change and it trains you to eat and live healthy for the rest of your life. If you really want to live without all the health complications and not just manage your disease, this is the way to go.” –Sally O.

“No waiting. …she helped me with back pain I had for 2yrs now. I feel great.. She is more then a chiropractor. She has shared information on a healthy life-style. I highly recommend her.”

“I was diagnosed with Graves disease just over a year ago. After hearing my friend tell me how much Dr Vaughan helped her with her autoimmune symptoms, I decided to go see her. I had always heard that a restrictive diet is helpful for autoimmune conditions. A few months after starting with Dr Vaughan, I’m down about 12 lbs (hard to do on my medication) and my Graves is stable. Certain foods seem to trigger anxiety along with stress. Avoiding those foods has allowed me to remain calm during a very stressful time in my life at present. Although I was skeptical, it’s been great to learn about triggers and avoid a roller coaster.” –Antonietta S.

“The results are in and I am so happy!

After being on a diabetes-reversal program for five months, I dropped almost 50 pounds. That is huge!!! (pun intended). For years I fought the unsuccessful battle of trying to lose weight. What was lacking was a program to follow and someone to hold me accountable. That someone was Dr. Kristi Vaughan, who provided me with the ongoing support and guidance I needed. I am so proud to say I accomplished what I once thought was impossible and am so grateful for Dr. Vaughan’s encouragement, patience and understanding.

My A1C is now in the normal range and so is my blood pressure. I no longer snore, getting a more restful and deeper sleep each night. And I can tie my shoes without all the grunting and discomfort I used to experience.

My “big boy” clothes no longer fit. Fortunately, I kept my clothes from back in the day when I was thinner and let me tell you, getting back into my old clothes feels incredible.

The results speak for themselves. This program works. The more I stuck with it, the more I wanted to succeed. I have changed my diet and lifestyle permanently and will never go back to my old ways because I know what it’s like to feel this way and I know what it was like to feel the old way. And this way makes me so much happier.

So I encourage any of you who want to look and feel better to join this program. With the help of dedicated professionals like Dr. Kristi Vaughan, success can be yours as well. Take it from someone who’s been where you are.” –Stephen D.

“I heard about Dr. Vaughan. I thought it was worth a try, nothing else was working. My blood sugars were out of control, 550-600. I was taking 7 shots a day. The max dose of 70 units and still my blood sugars were spiking. I was eating healthy and exercising. I had numbness in my hands and feet, my vision was blurred, I had cramping in my legs and joints. I was afraid I was going to die. My A1c 11.8. I am 24 days into the program and I have no numbness, cramping, and my vision is improved. My blood sugars are now in the 100s. I feel normal again. I feel alive again. My current readings are 134 to 176. The staff are great and helpful. If you are considering this program, it is so worth it! It’s a lifestyle change and it trains you to eat and live healthy for the rest of your life. If you really want to live without all the health complications and not just manage your disease, this is the way to go.” –Sally O.

“I heard Dr. Vaughan speak at an event. I was skeptical before going, however she educated me on many aspects of health. I learned more in that hour than I ever had before from all my other doctors. I felt like crap. I was on four different medications for my diabetes. The medications made me tired and sick feeling. I needed to do something different for my health because I just kept getting more medications with each doctor appointment. I figured, I had nothing to loose to because my A1C was 12.6, daily blood sugars were 200-250. That’s when I decided to make an appointment. Two months into the program I felt like my old self. My A1C and fasting blood sugars started changing immediately. In six months I have lost total 60 lbs. My energy is back up. I dropped all of my mediations because my A1C went down to 6.2 and my bloods sugars are around 90-110. Vaughan Vitality changed my life and my families life. This disease affected me, and my family. I would advice anyone who is looking to reverse their diabetes or any disease, to go see Dr. Vaughan. She cares about your health, she walks you through regaining your life.” –Jack

“I am a diabetic. My father also had diabetes and he and my mother suffered for many years with it. My mother did not have diabetes, but she was devoted to father and the burden of caring for father feel on her. Driving him to doctor appointment and dialysis treatments. And waiting the long hours for the treatments to end. It was her full time job.

I had tried to follow my doctor’s instructions on medical care. With more and more doctors to see and more meds to take. They along with the exercise helped for a while. However over the years my A1C levels grew higher and so did the dosage of meds, and amount of meds. I felt sluggish in the mornings, and tried much of the day, even at times napping involuntary. I had swollen feet, high blood pressure, and sleeping irately. I think because of this I became irrigated with even simple task. I knew to strangers I was giving the impression of a lazy person. My A1C level was at 8.5 when I began my treatment. Dr. Vaughan treated my entire health. I did not even know my kidneys were suffering. Yet along with the rest of my body they too improved. I feel much better now. My A1c is down below 6.5 without diabetes medications. And many ask me what I am doing different. I kid them and say lots of salads. But it was much more than that. The office cares about my health. I may of come to get a handle on diabetes. And I have, even lost 65 pounds, with more energy. But that is not close to best part of my story. I had forgotten that loved ones also suffer with me. My mother told me she worried I would die like my father, and felt she was the one that had rooted my poor eating habits, now felt free of that guilt. I cannot find the words to convey what having my mother feel free of guilt means to me.” –Felipe E.

“Please, let me share my story with you. Just 6 months ago now my A1C 11! My blood sugars were hovering around 300. Anyone knows that’s not health. I was on my way to some very dangerous health problems. My G P had just written a new prescription for medication that was going to cost more then my Social Security income. Oh, yes, I was close to weighing 200lb. and had been told “you can’t reverse diabetes”. When a friend told me about a class I admit I was skeptical. We went and what was said seemed right, as she explained just what I had been experiencing. I couldn’t lose weight or correct those life threatening numbers on my own, no matter what I did! Shortly after I started seeing Dr. Vaughan, just before I was making a move out of state.  I had tried diets before. This was different. I didn’t feel forced into it. It’s about what you want and how serious you are about getting healthy.

I felt support and a real desire to share her expertise, so I’d succeed. I never heard a discouraging word or condemnation. Truthfully, it’s a bit of a challenge, but you know what? You can do it! It’s a formula. Just do exactly as she tells you. After all, what is your life worth? To be honest, I never expected these results. The only negative was I lost weight so fast I had to go buy a whole new wardrobe. When I started, I wore a size 16/18 and now ware size 6! I’ve lost over 50lb. My A1C is at 6.4 and my blood sugars are averaging in low 120’s. Best of all, I’m no longer on meds for diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol. My GP is astonished.

If you are considering this let me assure you this was the best investment of my time, effort and resources I have done in a long, long time. I feel good and have the energy I had 30 yrs ago. Did I say I will be 73 this next week? It is going to be a truly wonderful blessed birthday.” –Tricia C.

I have been seeing Dr. Vaughan for about 32 days now and I am actually feeling pretty incredible right now, things are really changing in my life. I had a very dear friend of mine tell me about this program. So he got my attention and pushed me a little bit on it, and I kind of owe him my life to this day!

I have been dealing with my condition since December of 2014. And back then when I started out my A1C was 10.7 at that time. I was well over 300 pounds in weight, doing pretty horrible. And I was in denial about it, and I just wasn’t going to face it. So I worked on it, and worked on it, and worked on it, and was getting my A1C down further and further, and getting my blood sugar readings down in the morning where they are down in the 200s.

Dr. Vaughan helped me realize all I was doing, was managing my diabetes with more medications, and more medications, and more medications! When I thought I was being victorious, now I thought, this isn’t working.

I was on 5 different medications. Right now I am off all of my medications except for two, and they have been cut in half and those are the only two that I have at this time and they will be out the door here real soon! March 23 I weighed in at 319 pounds, then I came back in on April 4 and I weighed 303, and a couple days after that I was at 300. So I am anxious to find out, maybe today I will take a little sneak weigh in and find out where I am at right now. I have been very happy and I have been very excited about this! I want my life back, and that is what this is all about. I’m 58 years old, and I was giving away so much of my power to my weight. I am single, and I want to be dating again, and I wasn’t even in that arena because of this but I am looking forward to the future and doing that. Plus, being with my future grandkids, because I am a single grandparent that is one thing I am looking forward to with my adult boys. And I want to be able to share that life with them and that is in the process of getting my life back.

I am the type that really needs somebody to hold my hand, take me step by step, one day at a time, do this, don’t do that. And they have actually done that with me, and so far it has been an incredible journey! I have a long ways to go, but I am getting there. And one thing I noticed last week or so is that my rings are starting to spin on my fingers and I am always having to readjust those. I am just already noticing subtle changes and I still have a long ways to go, but I am getting there. So we will see what the future has in store!” –Russell F.

“I was depressed and worried about my high numbers – my A1c was 12.6 and elevating daily before seeing Dr. Vaughan. I also had a lot of tingling and numbness. Now I feel more relaxed and happy; my energy level has been consistently better. My A1c is now 7.7, and I’m aspiring to reach an A1c of 5.0 with the help of the maintenance program. My diet and overall health has improved and I feel great. The staff is an excellent support team. My advice to others would be, ‘Try it; you have a life to live.” –Theodore B.

“After suffering from migraine headaches since I was12 years old, taking medication and getting shots in my neck, I haven’t had a headache or migraine since seeing Dr. Vaughan over six months now. She immediately changed my life. She evaluated my labs, running other diagnostic test, discovering some triggers. I would highly recommend her. She’s the best. Thank you Dr. Vaughan.” –Suzan K.

“I didn’t realize how much of the pain I felt in my neck and shoulders was partly due to the stress, and anxiety I was harboring from daily life. It feels good accepting that I was in pain both physically and mentally and it feels even better to work that pain away. Dr. Vaughan is great at getting to the root of the issue.” –Ashley C.

“I became a patient of Dr. Vaughan in October of 2018. I’ve battling blood sugar issues for many years and a fear of adding another mildly effective medicine scared me. I was swallowing nearly 5 to 6 pills a day plus injecting myself about once a week. In addition, i was tipping the scale at nearly 300lbs. Add Dr. Vaughan. Life saving, game changing. In a matter of weeks, she told me to stop taking my blood sugar meds. My western medical Dr. after 6 months (my next scheduled appointment) officially took me off of my blood sugar meds. I made more progress in a month than a years with my medical doctor. She redefined what I thought “healthy eating” is. Fast forward 6 months, I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds and had my A1C drop nearly 5 points. She teaches you what you need to know, but like a physical fitness trainer, YOU still need to do the work, and maintain the discipline. I highly recommend that everyone, EVERYONE get an annual physical, no matter how healthy you think you are, and then after you get your physical, make an appointment with Dr. Vaughan and go over your results. I’d highly recommend a food sensitivity test so you truly understand what foods can cause issues. Finally I high recommend Dr. Vaughan to not only help you with your diet, and pressing issues, but more importantly your overall well being. Follow the plan, stick to your diet and I promise, your body will thank you!” –Jason N.

“Dr. Vaughan is highly talented in chiropractic, nutrition, holistic and functional medicine. I have a number of “chronic” health issues I’ve dealt with since high school, and I’m a firm believer that a holistic approach to my treatment plan (as opposed to solely mainstream medicine) is what has prevented me from ever being hospitalized or needing surgery. I’ve worked with a huge variety of practitioners, so I’ve seen the good and bad, and therefore am very particular about who I choose to partner with on my wellness journey.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Vaughan for about six weeks now, and although subtle, each week, I’m feeling healthier and healthier. My most significant immediate change is the reduction in sinus and skin allergies since she had me eliminate a few common trigger foods from my diet. I have also felt more optimistic and positive overall from an emotional standpoint, after diving into some past emotional trauma that had apparently been holding me back for quite some time.

Dr Vaughan checks off all the boxes in what I’m looking for in my wellness provider:

  • Believes in a holistic approach (mind/body/spirit)
  • Has a strong science/ data based approach to care
  • Uses Applied Kinesiology to assist in diagnosis
  • Highly knowledgeable about nutrition
  • Carries high quality nutritional supplements (Apex- a local company trusted by practitioners across the country)
  • Trained in Craniosacral Therapy
  • Broadly educated in healing and wellness
  • Uses Nutritional Response Testing
  • Examines emotional and social factors and helps tackle those as part of the wellness plan
  • Excellent listener
  • Excellent bedside manner
  • Strong communicator
  • She offers strategies to help support patients when a new routine seems challenging or overwhelming
  • Has a strong network of alternative and mainstream healthcare providers she works with and will refer patients to

True wellness is a journey, not a quick fix or pop of a pill; if you’ve dealt with a chronic health problem, you understand. If you truly want to heal your body and improve your overall quality of life, I definitely recommend Vaughan Wellness!” –Cara C.

“Dr. Vaughan is an exceptional practitioner. I had the pleasure of working with her for several years and she showed all her patients top quality care, concern and expertise. Having attended many continuing education conferences with her, I can attest to her commitment to learning and growing on behalf of her patients. I highly recommend Dr. Kristi Vaughan.” –Laura Lee Bloor Townsend, Certified Holistic Health Coach/Functional Nutritionist and Pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“I have been treated by Dr. Vaughan for the past 10 months for weight loss and control of my diabetes. She has been very helpful and informative by teaching me a new way of eating (not dieting) that has helped me loose 45 pounds and drop my A1C from 7.2 to pre-diabetes levels, currently 5.8. She has listened well to my personal circumstances and taught me ways to handle them. The extensive testing she coordinated has found several foods that I have sensitivities to that other doctors had told me to eat. Her personalized program has been very effective and I recommend her to any one trying to get their diabetes under control!” –David S.

Daysy came to see me for A1c 9.3, high cholesterol, gut issues, Eczema, Anxiety. She had been prescribed medications. 3 months later with no medications A1C 5.3, normal cholesterol, lost 15 lbs, no more gut issues, no anxiety, sleeps deeper and more sound, energy has improved to 8/10.

“Before the program I was not good. I went to the Doctor and they gave me pills, and I tried to control the sugar through blood testing. My husband heard about this program from a customer at his business. So I looked up Vaughan Vitality up on internet and read testimonials of how people were seeing big changes in their health and reversing their diabetes. I decided to do it. I made an appointment.

From when I started to now, I’m doing really well. I’m sugar free. My medication is cut in half, and pretty soon I will be on no medication. Dr. Kristi she’s the best, she gives you the push to do it but she doesn’t let you fall down. And my husband is really helping me a lot. A1C – was 7.0 when I started and now I’m non-diabetic (below 5.7); and I’ve lost 20 pounds. My Doctor is surprised, she was skeptical in the beginning, now she can’t believe it and is pleased with the results – Dr. Patel in the city of Downey.

Now I stay with the program because it works. I have had 15 years of diabetes, now I see in these few months, that I can do it. So I would say to others – “Don’t give up, stay with it because it works.”

I’m so happy now, my husband has been great, and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here, and Dr. Kristi – she’s the best.” –Katie W.

“I was suffering from frozen shoulder and the pain was all over my arm. My range of motion was so limited. I tried PY and chiro but no change. I visited Dr Kristi and although I only had 2 sessions the result is amazing. My pain is reduced and my range of motion is much better. Thank you Dr. Kristi. You are great!” –Nasrin N.

“Dr. Vaughan has been awesome. I was rear-ended about 5 weeks ago and suffered from whiplash, a concussion, and a pretty severe back strain. She has dramatically helped relieve my neck and back pain. She’s also used her skills with applied kinesiology to advise me on certain changes I needed to make in my diet. I’ve also had to take my 3 & 5 yr olds with me to all of my appointments and she and her staff have been super sweet and accommodating. Would DEFINITELY recommend her services.

I would also like to add that Michelle the massage therapist is AMAZING!! She applies just the right amount of firm pressure without hurting you and keeps the communication open which I love. Always checking to see how Im feeling. She is also super sweet and very comforting.” –Genevieve D.

“Dr Vaughan has done amazing work with me. My back, including my ribs that pop out when they want, is causing me less pain than ever. Also, her added focus on nutrition and blood work is helping to balance my total system. I highly recommend her. If I could give her 5+ * I would.” –Jerry T.

“I had been suffering from a stomach aliment for 6 months with conventional medicine treatment. Dr Vaughan identified possible causes, & recommended detox, natural herbs & vitamin supplements, along with dietary changes. I was relieved within 2 weeks of treatment, & fully restored to health before 2 months. Thank you from the bottom of my gutt!!!!” –Gail C.

Bridgette has been seeing by Dr. Vaughan for a gut issue, weight loss, depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep issues and brain fog.

Robert has been seeing Dr. Vaughan for gut issues, brain fog, fatigue, hormones, pain and low motivation

“Dr. Vaughan is amazing. As a licensed Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractor & Functional Medicine Specialist she take a thorough history, listening to her patient, while evaluating her patient to get to the root cause of the symptoms and disease. If you want to work with someone who listens, and will take your case seriously – then look no further.” –Nick L.

“My name is Bernard T. I had low energy levels, I was not really motivated to do anything. I had kind of gained some weight over the period of time after I was diagnosed with diabetes. I wanted to change all that. Now I feel really great! My energy level on a one to ten, is an eight. Before, it was really low. So I know I’m making some great improvements here. Before my blood sugars were controlled with medication, so it was around 120 to 130 range. But now I am completely off all my meds and my recent reading was 124 with no meds at all. My A1C when I started was 7.0 and now it’s at 6/5 and that was only within a period of six weeks. No that I have more energy, I can hang out with my grandkids, and that something I am feeling really excited about. Getting out there and exercising. Being able to do somethings I wasn’t able to do before the program. If your skeptical or apprehensive, I would say this is the best opportunity of your lifetime! Seize it! Get into the program, it is helpful and I’m really excited about it. I can not wait until my next visit to see my numbers change and how everything is affecting my whole life. It’s a great program for me.” –Bernard T.

“Hi my name is Kellie. I started on September 1st. I have to tell you all, you’re going to be skeptical in the beginning, as I was. I was pretty much at the end of my rope as far as my A1C, it was over 8. I believe it was like, 8.6, my sugar was 250. And I’ve been battling this for eight years and pretty much ignored most of it. Until, a lot of symptoms stared changing my life and my lifestyle.

So I began with on the first of September. My husband heard about this program and he was really drawn to it and asked if I wanted to go to a free seminar so, skeptically, I told him yes. And the day came and he said, are we going to go? I said well, I don’t know. He said, I think we that we should. “So I said ok, so we went. I was moved and motivated. Was I convinced? No but as I said, I was at the end of my rope and my time of trying to find something to make me feel better. I was tried all of the time, neuropathy in my feet, and stinging. I run my own business and you have to be motivated and energetic in order to have a successful business.

So I went ahead and signed up, came in. My first month was tough, but it was rewarding. There were nights when I felt like crying, and my husband kept telling me, just hang in there, Kellie. It is getting better. My first blood test went from 250 on my sugar to 185. And today, I’m celebrating because it has gone down to 139! And my A!C is 6.1, maybe a little off but it is basically around the 6’s. I feel like celebrating tonight. I think I’m going to have my some vegetables or protein. But this is something worthy. And I believe that if you are skeptical, you feel like not drinking the koolaid, as I told my husband. I said, I’m going to try it I believe you should definitely believe in the staff. They’re friendly, they’re helpful, and they’ve been motivating and supportive to me and my needs. And have customized my program. And have brought out a lot of information, I now read labels more than I ever have in my life. And you too, can learn how to have a better lifestyle.

And to add icing on the cake we do not eat, I have lost about 20 pounds. So, that is even better. I am feeling better, my feet are better, more feeling at the bottom of my feet, and I have an overall positive attitude. So I hope today, you will join. And it is good to network. I have had people ask me for my number, just meeting them in the hall. You can tell by the office that it is a good buzz and everybody is excited and motivated and wants to share their story. Feel free to talk to each other and support one another.” –Kellie L.

“Dr. Vaughan is a knowledgeable Chiropractor and wellness coach. I have been going to help with my frequent headaches and it has been almost 2 months since my last migraine. I haven’t had a 2 months break from migraines since I was in high school. Another benefit has been the re-adjustments on my back, which I didn’t expect to make me feel as good as I do. My back feels “light” and has less stiffness than before. I recommend Dr. Vaughan to anyone that is in need of Chiropractic care or looking for alternative wellness solutions.” –Andrew G.

At Vaughn Vitality Wellness, we promise to put you first — by treating you with respect and providing the holistic medical attention you need. Our team excels at discovering the root cause of your medical condition. Our treatment approaches can help prevent disease and, in some cases, reverse illness.