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ALL Disease Begins in Your Gut. Has An Invasion of “TOXIC BUGS & STEALTH INFECTIONS” Hijacked Your Health?

Bloating, Gas, Abdominal Pain, Fatigue, Constipation, Thyroid disease, Auto-Immune disease, and Heartburn what do these symptoms tell you? It tells you your gut is dying. Most people think their IBS, gas, bloating, acid reflux, stomach cramps, and…

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Innovations in Brain Imaging and Neurofeedback Part 2: Emerging Neurofeedback Methods

Neurofeedback is simply reading brainwaves, setting goals for them, and then showing the patient the results. If the feedback is within a half second of the actual brain wave change, the training works. If it takes the computer longer to process and…

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4 Phases of Healing Thyroid & Autoimmune

Phase 1: Detect We order specialized test to determine your root cause of disease. I like to say “if you aren’t testing, your guessing.” After a throughout history and evaluating your needs, I recommend testing and their specific priorities, which…

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6 Steps to Heal Your Thyroid

Working with hundreds of thousands of patients and balancing their thyroid, I’ve invented this simple, 6-step system. Step 1. Optimize Your Diet - “Eat to Thrive not Survive” I know you have probably heard it all before or read eat this, or don’t…

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Innovations in Brain Imaging and Neurofeedback Part 1: Brain Imaging for Neurofeedback and Beyond

The old days of retraining your brain are over. New methods are here that can save time and money, and work in most cases with or without drugs-and no electricity enters your body. Any condition that affects, drives or is driven by brain function…

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